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Human beings are a strange animal. While their need for sex can be less all-consuming than certain other species, they have it a lot more often and in a lot more creative ways. Still, they're not animalistic, you know. They have morals and modesty and humility. That's why they don't run around rutting like wild beasts.

At least, that is, when they have something separating them and the rest of the animal kingdom.

This little bubble of the multiverse is no longer keeping that status quo. A lucky selection of inhabitants will find themselves a bit wilder than usual. Suddenly, there is a drive to fuck, fight, and procreate like never before. Some, the most affected, might have animal ears and tails. But even if some don't, all will be changed on the inside. Many here are "heat," and it can be sensed by everyone. Of course, this leads to the expected. Call of nature and all that, you know. Those in heat will be driven to offer themselves up, the urge to be bred extremely strong. Even to those with strong wills can't resist the siren song forever. Dominant personalities will become very dominant, and submissives will do anything to please their mates.

Sex isn't the only thing this mating season entails, however. There will also be the instinct to fight over mates, and then to protect the lover and the possible offspring growing inside them. Some might even have the desire to take multiple mates. You know, got to keep the line going. All in all, things might get a bit...hairy.

Welcome to the jungle, ladies and gentlemen.

[OOC: Pretty self-explanatory meme/open post. Mating drives with optional animal parts.

Just a few notes:
-This doesn't follow "traditional" gender/biology roles. Female characters can be alphas, male characters can get pregnant (if you wish), and same-sex couplings are perfectly viable.
-If your character has animal ears and a tail, that doesn't lock them to one certain species. For example, if a guy has dog ears, he can still mate with catgirls and such.
-Feel free to mix in other kinks, such as lactation for cowgirls and anything else you can think of. Noncon is also possible. Just be respectful of others' limits.
-You can leave your comment blank or come up with a basic set-up. However, it's probably helpful to put what kind of animal features (if any) your character has.]


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